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Even If It Kills Me Chino XL

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Исполнитель: Chino XL

Название песни: Even If It Kills Me

Продолжительность mp3: 04:02

Дата добавления: 2015-04-10

Текст просмотрен: 507


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Текст песни:

Chino XL
Momma don't want me to be a rapper no more
She want me to be an actor plus an entrepreneur
I'm still raw, make your dog need a chiropractor
Biggest balls, most courage that this game's ever saw
*BLAM* Now who want it with Conan, no man
Find yourself in soft sand 'til your glands
with no chance floatin in oceans with no hands
With plans to land abortions on grown men
Distortion got my name blown out of proportion
Been forced into fame ever since I was orphaned
Awesome, 'til I'm in my coffin dressed up
Bullets screamin like seven babies that's left in a dumpster
Niggaz murdered over music, at the funerals
The priest that knows of these beefs, and to sermon
When I see y'all niggaz back in a minute, my anger infinite eternally
And love Jesus so much? Meet him personally
I'll make a nigga Crip-walk naturally
Make him do Rock's People Eyebrow permanently
Only fuck with a woman if it benefit me
Ex and amphetamine fiend, energy like I took 20 Xanadrine
Serene, verbal marine, curdle your dream
Disgusting like +Ed Gaine+, bury ya team
Burial things, screaming lyrics filthy
Seething spirits tell me to spit shit, even if it kills me

(Yo) In the event somebody ends me
Bury my pen by my side (that's right)
Maybe then the world is gonna feel me
Tell my little girls not to cry (don't cry baby)
My dreams told me to quit music
Too many pray for my demise
But even if it costs, my life
I'll al-ways write (even if it kills me)

Chino XL
Cowards pull tools but scared to take shots
Expected to die soon like Michael J. Fox
Take rocks then flip 'em, avoidin incarceration
in a bathroom cuttin coke on a baby-changin station
Whole generation of rappers I wanna erase, they fake
I'll drink a gallon of gas, piss right in they fuckin face
They won't admit they bit, I ain't even 30 yet I'ma rip
'til I'm shriveled up like Jack ? Schmitt
You ain't about shit, bring any MC I'll joust it
No need for Viagra, your album leave me bored stiff
Born sick, stickin a dick to Kimora Simmons
Could cure Pam Anderson V.D. how much my penicillin/pen-is-illin
I said it's illin, instead of stealin was feelin aight
'til my rhyme came to life and tried to murder me last night (oh shit)
Woke up feverish, what I write ain't for the squeamish
In fact, you my +Target+ like where broke niggaz buy they sneakers at


Chino XL
Yo, I'm constantly consulted by the inventors of Scrabble
I hassle, cause I no longer battle, I baffle
I'll smash you, make you look ridiculous
like that homo Justin from American Idol's blond afro
Meticulous, Barbosa the Barbarian, a livin statue
Emotionless, dosed up off PCP capsules
Conquering, capture the castle, angry Viking, I'm massive
Comin with 80 thousand niggaz ridin on camels
Relying on sandles, the light source; moon, sun and candles
In a cave I witnessed the writing of the Book of Matthew
Waiting to make the Pearly Gates
Fuck 22's, I'll put you in a wheelchair, you'll be on 38's
Coming on high horse, you'll leave with the Red Cross
Draped in a red cloth, of course
My Puerto Rican family consider me the only Latin MC
with the ability to pick it up where Pun left off
Legendary shoes to fit, but I'm an M-F
And if you anger the mammoth, you will not see another sabbath
You vanish, fuck the dead necrophilia
Scholars collectin Chino's saliva for memorabilia

Chorus - repeat 2X

Клип Chino XL - Even If It Kills Me - Poison Pen (2006)


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