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Wordsmith Chino XL

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Исполнитель: Chino XL

Название песни: Wordsmith

Продолжительность mp3: 05:11

Дата добавления: 2015-04-08

Текст просмотрен: 491


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Текст песни:

flawless, masterpiece, no mistakes
Back in the 1800's I was burned at the stake
Metaphor Mephistopheles
Degrees I've achieved
The brain fluid it takes to believe
would equal the seven seas
I could reveal the true name of God
But you would go insane upon hearing it
Release enough winds to
blow down pyramids
I'm the Michelangelo of syllables
Since I freestyle
Genesis been biblical
That's something you got to give in to

(Verse I)
Since born in my mama's vaginal sauna
As a sono-gram, I've been fond of phonics
It's ironic, even as an embryonic
Fed through an umbilical
don't that sound biblical?
I've been a terror
Since I teareth out of the u-terus
Because evil plans were made to defeat us
As a fetus
Though now I walk in infamy
As a child they had it in for me
Was raised with guns in infantry
In diapers and in infancy
The childhood of a hood
that was raised in the hood
Cops said "put your hands in the hot sky"
I put my hands down on the hot hood
I can't whine or drink wine
Nine planets planned it
'Til it became apparent
My parents shouldn't have been a parent
State to state we ran some
I wasn't worth no ransom
Money, won't you hand some?
A nigga wasn't handsome
Raise the mind like Charles Manson's
New I was some man's son
But which one?
That made me strong
created my poison tongue.


(Verse II)
Why you cut school?
Cause you ain't feel too good
I cut school
cause my cuts ain't heal too good
Through all the physical abuse
My mind escaped
through the gift of wordplay
I memorized encyclopedias and dictionaries
I wrote anthems from antonyms
Harmonies from homonyms
Created cinema from synonyms
Was livid to eliminate
that illustrious life you're livin' in
Wrote rhetoricals in rhythms
I can paralyze with a parable
Made rhymes out of religion
Use a prefix as a crucifix
Or suffocate you with a suffix
Wrote lectures so infectious
They're known to infect the listeners
Who dissin' us?
Yo punks you wait – I punctuate
My karma's the comma
That put you inside of a coma
Hyphen, dot, dot, semi-colon
Leave you semi-swollen
Question mark: You pregnant?
Oh you're not? I love you, Period
To sum it up, language is my essence
Fucked up in all my adolescence
. From: .
Till my Mom's was out of lessons
Laws, I store convenient
Still I rob a convenience store
Love Mom, Fuck Mom
Shit, I don't love me no more
Mentally it didn't register, bitch
Empty the register, bitch
You just a cashier, bitch
Give the cash, here
Or I'll shoot you in your cabbage
Hijack a getaway cab, bitch
Words ain't makin' me no loot
Don't change now Dow Jones average
Regardless, we Godless
They stole my innocence
In a sense, the judge sentenced me
To 3 lifetimes sentences
To write my life in times and sentences
Art my dark arch nemesis
They want me off the premises
That's what the premise is
Locked on a tier
where you can't shed a tear at
I studied more Shakespeare
Than any African can shake a spear at
And the whole world fear that
And it hurts
I got caught for killing time
But then I got with words


People can say whatever they want about me
But agree that I am the Wordsmith
They can try to ignore everything that I've achieved
But agree that I am the Wordsmith
I am the Wordsmith
Yo, the love of words is deep in my veins
Must be to silence my pain
I am the Wordsmith
And even if I never move a million units
It's my blessing how I do it, cuz
I am the Wordsmith

(Verse III)
I'm in a game full of morons
And they keep putting more on
I tutor the Torah
I'm in the core of

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